Monday, January 12, 2009

a randon thought about my life....

I had a rare chance to lay in bed with my newest little man one morning.
As I lay there feeding him watching him fight to stay awake....but losing the battle to the land of nod. I thought how much he has brought into my life in such a small time.

I was very close to my younger sister and my husband was very close to his younger brother. So, we hoped the same for our oldest son, we hoped we would have another boy so he (or both) could have the opportunity to enjoy the close relationship we had.

As I lay there admiring his tiny but wide hands, a thought entered my head, I don't think its the gender God put into your life, but it's more about the people.This tiny little man is perfect for me and in is short few months he has been with us, he always giving us cheer with his gummy little smiles.

It in those moments we become so grateful for what we have and count our many blessings.

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